Introducing KNA (Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur)

Founded in 1952, KNA is a well-established provider of news to the German-speaking media and the  largest and most prolific Catholic news agency in Europe. We provide up-to-date reports on catholic and secular themes both at home and abroad. KNA reaches 70% of German daily newspapers and newspaper-related websites, the whole of the Diocesan and Catholic press, numerous magazines, radios, television-networks and websites.

Our purpose is objective, factual, independent reporting from a Christian perspective. We provide comprehensive coverage of Catholic and other religious events and trends. At the same time, we offer information on politics and cover a wide range of further topics such as education, human rights, minorities or development aid as well as social and family politics, biomedical sciences and ethical debates.

KNA in facts and figures

Our headquarters are in Bonn. This is also the home of our central editorial. We operate an office in Germany’s capital Berlin, as well as a state editorial office in Bavaria and three further regional sub-offices. Other German-speaking countries are covered by our partners in Austria (kathpress) and in Switzerland ( We have permanent correspondents in Rome, Brussels, Bogota, Washington, D.C. and middle east. Both our information and customer networks are continually expanding. Our 75 employees and some 350 freelancers around the globe enable us to provide a 24-hour professional reporting service.

KNA and its international presence
Our Vatican news desk in Rome, called Centrum Informationis Catholicum (Catholic Information Centre - CIC), was founded in 1962 in cooperation with our Austrian and Swiss partners. The CIC has excellent relations with cardinals, bishops, religious orders and various Vatican institutions. Our European office in Brussels deals with Catholic and socio-political issues emanating from the work of the EU institutions. Finally, KNA's middle east office delivers impressions and background information from a world region where Christians of various denominations, Jews and Muslims live together. Our own correspondents in Washington DC and in Bogotá provide us with reliable information from both North and Latin America.

KNA and its local offices

In Germany KNA runs local offices in Munich, Augsburg, Nuremberg, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Trier, Frankfurt, Bonn, Hamburg, Osnabrueck and Berlin. From these locations we distribute news stories and information from the 27 archdioceses and dioceses and cover political developments in all German states.

Our news services
KNA offers you a wide choice of both daily and weekly services. Our customers can take advantage of our broad spectrum of user-oriented text subscriptions. Virtually all products can be delivered via satellite or e-mail. Of course, we can also send you a hard copy version or a PDF file. Please contact us for further information on our news services.

KNA international
KNA international is KNA’s select service in English. It provides information about current developments in the Catholic Church in German-speaking countries. The focus is on debates about the future of the church and the role of the church in society. The service is published every working day and provides media with news, reports, background information and reports by our correspondents.
Subscribers receive 60 to 70 texts per month by email. For questions turn to:

How to contact us:

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