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KNA international is an English news service provided by Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur - KNA (Bonn). It covers all major events in the catholic church in Germany and neighboring countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

One special focus of KNA international is the ongoing reform debate “Synodal Path” about the structures and teachings of the church in a 21st century society in Western Europe. 

Subscription covers 2 - 5 texts daily that we provide simply per e-mail - just enough to keep up to date on a what is going on in this rapidly changing area of church and society in German speaking countries.

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Customer Testimonials:
“Very good amount of information with extremely balanced texts”
Christopher Lamb, The Tablet (London)

“I am pleased and grateful for the KNA coverage. I find it balanced and objective. The writing is VERY clean and professional”. As we say in the U.S., TWO THUMBS UP!”
Barb Fraze, International Editor / Catholic News Service (CNS), Washington D.C.


Der Dienst „KNA international“ liefert in englischer Sprache Informationen über aktuelle Entwicklungen der katholischen Kirche im deutschsprachigen Raum. Schwerpunkte sind Debatten um die Zukunft der Kirche und die gesellschaftliche Rolle der Kirche in Deutschland.

Der Dienst erscheint an jedem Werktag und liefert seinen Kunden agenturtypische Formate wie Meldungen, Hintergründe oder Korrespondentenberichte.

Die rund 65 Texte monatlich erhalten Sie per E-Mail.